Established in 1972, Hatta Fine Jewelry has been successfully serving the jewelry industry for nearly four decades.

Chang Hatta, Founder of Hatta Fine Jewelry

Hatta's prime business nature began with trading gem roughs directly from the mines. Unraveling top-quality precious gemstones include heated and unheated Rubies from Burma, Sapphires from Sri Lanka and Kashmir, Emeralds from Colombia and other rare and marvelous jewels such as Paraiba, Alexandrite and Chrysoberyl Cat's eyes.
In addition to supplying nature's candy, Hatta Fine Jewelry also custom designs jewelry tailored to our customers' tastes. Expanding this range of fine luxury products into Objets d'Arts, Hatta New World also deals in one of a kind sculptures and carvings meticulously crafted out of the finest mineral roughs from around the world. Hatta Fine Jewelry Magnificent Jewels and Objets' d'Arts undoubtedly captures the color of every emotion.